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Invitation to design and design of "Seventeen-story partial renovation project of China Textile Building"

China Textile Building is the office of China National Textile Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China COFCO Corporation. The check-in time is May 2000. Due to work needs, it is planned to transform the 17th floor of the building. According to the provisions of the “Administrative Measures for Bidding and Purchasing of COFCO Group Co., Ltd. (Trial)”, this procurement will conduct competitive negotiations based on the principle of brainstorming and excellent selection.

First, the design content (see Annex 1 status map; Annex 2 intentional partition map)

1. Outline plan

(1) Overall demand: The 17th floor is now a large conference room and VIP reception room and auditorium. It is planned to be transformed into a chairman's office (40 square meters), a general manager's office (40 square meters), and a deputy general manager's office (30 square meters). A total of 7 rooms, 2 secretarial rooms, conference rooms, VIP reception rooms, waiting areas, copy printing rooms, reception rooms, etc. New offices require sound insulation to ensure that there is no interference between offices, public areas and offices. Due to the non-office space in the original area, the renovation will involve layout adjustment, change of ceiling shape, increase of partition wall, original wall displacement, increase of air conditioning system (VRV Gree system, return air system, exhaust system) and change of office Lighting fixtures, socket switches, thermostats, weak electricity network telephones, security monitoring systems, conference multimedia video systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems, etc., planning and design should be considered together to avoid inconsistency with actual needs. Negotiators need to refer to Annex 2 for design, and at the same time, feasible design options can be proposed for convenience and functionality.

(2) Specific needs:

1 office

a. The design needs to consider the problem of height control in the room and public walkway ceiling. In order to ensure that the office and the public area and the office cannot interfere with each other, all structural partition walls are required to directly reach the top, and the partition wall and the ceiling part should fully consider the sound insulation effect.

b. The overall design requirements of the office area are partial Chinese (not antique). The door requires solid wood door, wall flour brush and environmentally friendly odorless paint. The ceiling is made of gypsum board and the floor is made of solid wood.

c. The light in the office is preferred as warm color and national standard low-energy lighting; according to the furniture in the room (considering the size and color of the office furniture and sofa in the leading office), it needs to be placed on the desk, door side and window. The location, the back of the office chair and the wall opposite the desk are equipped with electrical outlets for office equipment and a network telephone interface.

2 meeting rooms

a. There is a DN150 drain pipe of about 8 meters in the ceiling of the conference room to be replaced.

b. The original decorative surface of the conference room wall can be reserved, and the indoor carpet is replaced with solid wood flooring. The ceiling part can be updated according to the audio-visual equipment and air-conditioning equipment renovation.

c. When renovating the audio-visual equipment room, consider the sound insulation effect and indoor ventilation of the pipeline well.

d. The design of the conference table in the conference room shall be no less than 16 seats (according to the actual calculation), and the equipment such as microphone, screen display, projector, curtain and other equipment shall be considered with lifting or hiding function.

e. This location can still be arranged according to the reception room, but it is still necessary to replace the DN150 drain pipe of about 8 meters in the ceiling and ceiling to make the ceiling consistent with other rooms, and at the same time design audio and video recording function.

3 public areas

a. The wall surface needs to be painted with environmentally friendly and odorless paint. The ceiling of the aisle is made of gypsum board and the floor is made of carpet.

b. The original fire hydrant moving door position in the waiting area needs to be redesigned.

c. The door of the elevator machine room should be changed to a soundproof material door.

4 bathrooms

Transform one of the two toilets in the 17-story male and female toilets into a position, and replace the faucet, water pipe and other water and water components to solve the problem of water inversion.

5 air conditioning system

a. The original design of the 17th floor is a conference and reception function area. The problem of ventilation, air conditioning and indoor air purification after house partitioning needs to be a special plan, and the items are separately listed and calculated in the quotation.

b. In order to consider the transitional season in April and September each year, the new renovation office needs to increase the vRv air conditioning system (full load calculation).

c. There is no air conditioning fresh air in the waiting area and reception area. The air conditioning fresh air system needs to be added in this transformation.

6 fire and security equipment

a. The original two fire hydrants in the renovation area are in the office room and need to be displaced to the public walkway wall to ensure fire protection requirements.

b. The original fire smoke exhaust vents and actuators in the renovation area shall be displaced to the public aisle for reinstallation.

c. According to the requirements of fire protection regulations, design and renovate the fire protection facilities of the 17th floor office and functional rooms (including smoke detectors, temperature detectors, fire sprinklers, fire smoke, fire broadcasts, etc.) .

d. West walkway and north walkway plus access control system equipment.

2. Design renderings

The negotiating party should consider the regulations of the company's image culture on the use of color, and design the renderings of each room for the company that meets both the modern office style and the corporate culture import specification requirements.

3. Design concept

4. Investment estimate

5. Materials that other design units need to explain

Second, the requirements of the negotiator

1. Participate in the negotiator qualification requirements: have industrial and civil architectural design qualifications;

2. Documentary materials required to be negotiated by the negotiator: a copy of the business license; a copy of the tax registration certificate; a copy of the organization code certificate; a design qualification certificate; a list of quotations; relevant work performance, a copy of the legal representative's ID card (If the representative of the person is not involved in the negotiation, he/she shall provide the legal representative's authorization, the work permit or work certificate of the authorized person and a copy of the ID card of the authorized person), and the design drawings (drawn according to the design content).

Note: The negotiation materials should be stamped with the company's official seal and sealed well, and the cover should indicate the contact information.

Third, the negotiation materials submission time and negotiation time:

1. The effective date for submitting competitive negotiation materials for this negotiation is: 10:00 am on May 4, 2017.

2. Time for this competitive negotiation: further notice.

Fourth, the payment method:

After the selection of the selected party through the competitive negotiation process, our company signed a design contract with the selected party. The design fee was paid after the selected party completed the design work and submitted the work results (including the full set of construction drawings and budget).

V. Contact information:

1. Contact: Hu Haiyan

2. Contact number: 841321833-1218

Note: During the competitive negotiation period (April 1-12, 2017), the negotiators can contact the contact person at any time on the working day from 9:00 to 17:00 to go to the site for reconnaissance.

Attachment: 1. Status map

                  2. Intentional partition map

                                                                                                                                               China National Textile Corporation

                                                                                                                                                 March 31, 2017

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