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Head of the national economic and Trade Commission of the national development and Reform Commission

On August 9, Chen Da, deputy director of the Economic and Trade Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Yin Jian, director of the Department, went to China to conduct research on textiles.

Yuan Fei, deputy secretary and general manager of the Chinese Textile Party Committee, introduced the basic situation of Chinese textile industry, the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the cotton textile industry and the operation of China's textile business, and the suggestions for the next step.

Vice Director Chen Da and Director Yin Jian expressed their appreciation to China's textile industry for taking the overall situation into account, resolutely fulfilling its responsibilities and actively undertaking the task of national macro-control. They also thanked China's textile industry for its support and understanding of the work of the Reform Commission for many years. Vice Director Chen Da, Director Yin Jian and China Textile discussed the impact of Sino-US trade frictions on China's cotton textile industry and the corresponding measures, and hoped that the two sides would jointly promote follow-up work, constantly improve the macro-control mechanism, and promote the development of the cotton textile industry to a high quality.

Chen Minghong, Vice General Manager of China Textile Industry, Deng Shuwen, Vice General Manager of Cotton Industry Department, Gao Yang, General Manager of Strategic Investment Department and Li Gang, Vice General Manager, accompanied the investigation.

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